Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shannon Doherty's Hangover Hair vs. Spider Leg Hair Guy

Freaky. Freaky. Freaky.

I can't decide who is worse.

Shannon Doherty's composite character of Courtney Cruela Addams?

Or this soccer guy right here:

He sure is loco. Um...dude...when you shaved your bald-ass head this morning. You forgot to put your pet spider away. He's still sitting right there, on your forehead. I'm concerned he's going to fall off, and...[obligatory PETA reference insert]'ll squish him while chasing down the ball.

It's even worse, in my humble opinion, than Shelob the Tarantula.

Yep. I've made my decision. Having bad friggin' hair days myself, now and then, I can forgive Doherty's hangover hair.

But Spider Leg Hair Guy? You take the cake. You win this week's Bad Friggin' Hair award.